Our track 



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Welcome to the track page of our website.


So everyone can see a little of the track here is a 5 minute YouTube video of a member taking his 5 inch gauge diesel class 23 baby Deltic for for a spin. He starts alongside the steaming bays and drives all around, both over and under the bridge, until returning to the steaming bays. The car park and club house are seen on the left just before the end of the ride. We hope that the video will give some idea of just how extensive our track really is. Our intrepid photographer perched behind the driver to take the film and nestled his camera in his ear. The poor chap is still recovering!


As you will see, the track for both 5 and 31/2" gauges, and is of raised level construction. The radius of all the major curves is a nominal 50ft so more or less any size of loco should be able to navigate around easily. That said, it can be quite a challlange for the unwary.

This link is 31/2 minute run around our track by a members 5 inch gauge K class 2 6 0 steamer.


To give you some idea of how the overall track looks, here is an arial view. There are 4 engines on the track and two people taking photographs. Can you spot them?


Arial view of track