Welcome to the website of Pembrokeshire Model Engineers 



Pembrokeshire Model Engineers is a model engineering club started in the late 1980s by George "The Fish" Thomas, father of our present indefatigable and hard working Chairman, Trevor Thomas. George inspired a group of people, less than 12 in number, to form the club. The initial track was an elevated 31/2 and 5 inch kidney shaped oval. The track subsequently 'grew' to a full 2,683 foot (1/2 mile), or if you prefer, 0.82 Kilometres. It is complete with a steel bridge where the line now crosses over itself. Just to make life a little more interesting it also benefits from several interesting banks to catch out the unwary.


Somewhere along the way the name changed from “Milford Haven and District Model Engineer Society” (known colloquially as MADMESS). We joined The Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies but in 2013 took the decision to move to The Northern Federation of Model Engineers. Visitors and their locos are always welcome, with the appropriate certificates of course. The smallest radius is approximately 50 foot. Drivers sometimes have difficulty on the banks, the locos more or less always cope with the radii. On good days we sometimes provide an excellent cup of tea for thirsty travellers so come and have a look at us. You will be welcome.