Gerry's "Beattie Well Tank" in 3 ½” gauge

Gerry's splendid model was awarded a silver medal in the 1999 Model Engineer Exhibition at Alexandra Palace and has been steamed regularly since then. It is a very capable engine and pulls one person with ease even on our ½ mile track at Milford Haven.


The original engine was built for the London & South Western Railway in 1874 to the design of Joseph Beattie. It was transferred to Wadebridge in Cornwall in 1895 where, with two sister engines, it worked china clay trains on the Wenford Bridge branch, and local service trains on the main line to Padstow. They became celebrity survivors during the 1950s and 60s and two lasted into preservation, One of which is now part of the National Railway Museum collection.


Beattie Well Tank in 3 ½”  gauge



Detail of the R/H crosshead on Gerry's "Beattie Well Tank"



Gerry getting steam up



Gerry's "Beattie Well Tank".
Backhead and firehole



Gerry and his "Beattie Well Tank" at full stretch



Ivor bought this narrow gauge "Planet"
for a spin



Ivor enjoys a peaceful run around our track



John is building a "Churchward Class 4500 Praire Tank".
It is coming along nicely



John's "Churchward Class 4500 Praire Tank" lifting links



We all went to admire John's progress



After we had all looked, John was worried that it was all still there

(We knew it all was though)